Xiaomi Mi Flora Plant – care of houseplants with data

Xiaomi Mi Flora Plant – care of houseplants with data


Maybe, just like as me, you kind of struggle with the plant care in your apartment. Once you pour them a little, sometimes too much and generally do not do well. The device Mi Flora Plant made by Xioami could help you and provide many useful information about your plant. And that’s what we will look at today.

The basic purpose of the product is, therefore, clear – provide you data to help you with decisions when to water, fertilize or move the plant to a warmer or lighter location.

Information about your plant

Mi Flora Plant will give you information about:

  • soil moisture
  • soil fertility – nutrient detection
  • light intensity up to 100000 lux with accurate 100 lux
  • air temperature with accurate 0.5 Celsius

All four values should be the absolute basis for proper plant growth.

The great thing is that all the recommended values are already directly related to your plant type, so you can see what needs to be corrected – mobile app contains a big catalog with plants and recommended values.

Product activation

As with other Xiaomi products, activation is done using the Mi Home app.

Mi Flora uses Bluetooth for communication to minimize power consumption – so it needs to be turned on before activation.

Before adding the device to the Mi Home app, you need to remove the foil around the battery. It is placed in the white part after the cover on top – remove the foil.

Mi Flora should be able to monitor the plant per battery of approx. 1 – 2 year(s).

Where to remove foil

Once we have the device active we start the Mi Home app, which needs to be switched to the Chinese mainland region.

On the main screen, click the + symbol and enter Flower in the search box. We should see two products, our is first – called Flower Care.

Selection of plants

For the app to function properly, it is necessary to set the type of plant to be monitored after activation. This can sometimes be a problem as the original, often Latin names, are often required.

However, with a little skill and with the help of Google search engine you should find the right name – I proved a few keywords and search by pictures.

The second option is to use the wizard directly in the Mi Home application, which is, for example, based on the shape of leaves trying to filter out as many options – but this did not help me, because there were still a lot of plants in the list and I was not sure which one is correct.

But if you can find the right plant it will bring a really great benefit in the form of a lot of interesting information and recommendations.

Information about a plant from the catalog

Where to buy

Price should be between $15 – $19

I hope this product, like me, will help you to have healthier and nicer plants.

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